捐赠 Blood to Save Three Lives -- LifeServe Blood Center


“I have always been a fan of mission-oriented work. I was looking for a job change and found LifeServe.” That’s Allison Brummels, Territory Representative with LifeServe Blood Center.

Brummels said being a Territory Representative is just like being the salesperson for blood donation.

“I go out ahead of time and get people on the calendar. My job is to look at where our higher populated areas are, 看看这些医院, and find out the best way to bring our blood collection services to the donors. A great thing about mobile blood collection is that we bring our blood drives right to 正规买球app排行十佳平台 and allow people to donate right in the hospital where they might potentially be receiving units of blood.  So I have my monthly goals just like any other salesperson, 但这背后还有更多的任务.”

Personal history is also a powerful motivating factor for Brummels.

“I had a grandparent who passed away from brain cancer who had seen the benefits of blood transfusion. I knew LifeServe was an organization I could get behind because blood transfusions sustained the life of my loved one. 现在这就是我每天要做的. 鼓励他人献血. Maybe it's not your relative you're helping, but it's someone's relative.”

服务于爱荷华州150多家医院, 内布拉斯加州和南达科他州, Brummels explained LifeServe is the sole provider of blood products for patients in those areas. She emphasized what that means for donors and patients alike.

“That means the blood products at your hospital don't come from anywhere but LifeServe donors. 与其他供应商合作, 虽然, those blood products are automatically getting shipped out to different states. Whether it's California, Texas, New York, places like that. Those areas have a higher population and a lower blood donor base. LifeServe is a part of a larger corporation where we do send blood products when mass casualties or natural disasters happen. 尽管如此, our first priority is keeping our hospitals in the tri-state area fully stocked, making sure they have the blood products they need.”

Brummels notes finding new blood donors has been difficult.

“Many of our donors are of the older generation who are now needing those blood products themselves, 这使得他们没有资格捐赠吗. What we really need for new donors are people who have never donated before, 或者认为它花费太多时间, or are afraid to step out of their comfort zone. Each blood donation with LifeServe can save up to three lives.”

尽管如此, stigmas still exist for some people who might be good candidates to donate blood.

“There are some medical conditions that could prevent someone from donating. We encourage people with questions about their ability to donate to find out more by calling 800-287-4903. There’s also the option to chat with our online consultant and explain your concerns. We've heard about every excuse under the sun. 不过,我们还是不要猜测了. Check in with us and we can help anyone determine if they're able to donate rather than just assume they're not.”

Brummels also  laments the myths that have grown up around blood donation that make it more difficult to enable new donors.

“We get a lot of people saying, ‘I have diabetes, so I can't donate’, which is not true.  有很多人说, “我刚纹了个纹身, 所以我就没有资格了, 哪个也是不正确的. There's a lot of myths out there with blood donation. We encourage people to give us a call, go online to chat, or to come in and ask us themselves. We can help you understand what is true for you when it comes to blood donation.”

In addition to the challenges of finding new donors, Brummels also understands that life can get in the way.

“Right now, we're in a little bit of a stalemate. There are football games, and harvest is going on as well. We are seeing a little bit of a decline everywhere. 不只是丹尼森,到处都是. Let’s keep in mind, less than 1% of the Denison population donates blood, which is pretty low. And LifeServe is still collecting a great amount of blood. But when you look at the numbers overall, you're thinking, ‘Wow, 99% of people are not donating.’”


“There's a several ways to get an appointment time. 首先,给LIFESERVE发短信777999. 接下来,您可以访问我们的网站,网址是,或致电800-287-4903. 每条线的最后都有人, 无论你决定十大买球app排行网站, ready to find the appointment closest to you. And if there's not a location that you feel is most convenient, that's where my job comes in. 我们总是愿意去更多的地方. 这是不是一门生意, 一个教堂, 丹尼森郊外的一个社区, 我们会去任何能容纳捐赠者的地方.”

LifeServe conducts its blood drive in Denison on the second Monday of each month at 正规买球app排行十佳平台. If you forget to make an appointment, Brummels says walk-ins are welcome.

“是的,我们绝对接受预约. 预约为佳, but we understand we're in an age where you just can't predict your schedule. 如果人们有预约, they will be served before someone who's a walk-in, but we'll never turn someone away who wants to donate blood.”