Crawford County Memorial Hospital offers a variety of Same Day 服务, such as injections, 静脉输液 and infusions, blood transfusions and dressing changes/wound care. These services provide added convenience for patients who require medical treatments without the need for inpatient admission. Most insurance policies will cover these types of Same Day Service treatments in an outpatient hospital setting.

病人 utilizing Same Day 服务 will use the normal outpatient check-in procedure. Because services are provided by appointment, there is minimal waiting required. Appointments can be made by calling 712.265.2500.

Examples of Same Day 服务 include:

  • Injections – These can be given to chemotherapy patients, as ordered by their oncologist, who have low blood counts and are in need of improving their blood counts to stay on schedule with their treatment. Medication injections can also be given to persons suffering from chronic diseases as treatment for their condition.
  • 静脉输液 – The main reason for an IV fluid therapy is to treat dehydration.
  • IV infusions – An IV infusion usually consists of antibiotic treatment that requires anywhere from one to three infusions per day.
  • Blood transfusions – Blood transfusions require frequent monitoring. They take between two to four hours per unit of blood.
  • Dressing changes & wound care – Examples include patients who require dressing changes for post-surgical incisions or ulcerative wounds. 病人 who also require wound care and re-dressing of the wound can receive this on an outpatient basis.
  • Chemotherapy – Introduced into the body by IV, chemotherapy treatments are administered according to the directions of the patient’s oncologist. These treatments can take place several days during the same week.